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It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”

Pride and Prejudice.

Acknowledging Jane Austen as one of mankind’s most gifted writers on the subject of love and the human condition, tech developers have created the ‘Austen Algorithm’ - the key to finding the perfect partner! The new app Dating Mr Darcy is due to be launched at an Austen themed gala celebration… But moments before the app goes live, its creator is found dead - Someone has quite literally broken her heart!

But which of the Austen aficionados is a potential killer? What clues to the crime can be found within the works of the author, and just who will end up dating Mr Darcy? A murder mystery that will take all of your sense and sensibilities to solve

Following on from the success of the 2016 Et Tu Shakespeare? mystery tour, Highly Suspect Theatre and Murder Mysteries was once again commissioned by Cumbria Libraries (in association with Arts Council England and the Society of Chief Librarians) to create an original murder mystery production for ‘Celebrating Austen’ - a programme run by libraries nationwide to celebrate two hundred years since the death of Jane Austen. The event was to tour libraries across the North of England, bringing new demographic audiences into their local libraries for an evening of mystery and performance.

In order to crack the case audiences had to examine evidence including newspaper articles, crime scene reports, threatening letters and profiles from those using the Dating Mr Dacy app. Audience members were given the chance to complete their own profiles throughout the course of the evening, and the cast successfully found perfect matches in every tour venue, proving that the Austen Algorithm was a success! Once everyone had been given opportunity to cross examine all of the suspects, teams each put forward their theories of ‘whodunnit,’ how and why, and the killer was brought to justice!

"This is the perfect production to acknowledge the great works of Jane Austen as this year marks to the 200th anniversary since her death"

Whitehaven News

 Full review available HERE

Workington Library
Carlisle Library
Barrow Library
Barrow Library
Percy Uasion
Carlisle Library
Whitehaven Library

"Never been to an event like this before but had a great night and will definitely be attending more!"

"It was so intriguing and fun. We felt totally involved with the whole evening."

"Very entertaining! Really enjoyed it!!"

"I have been to other murder mysteries and this has been the best so far."

"It was intellectually stimulating, great for literary lovers and a lot of fun."

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